Having anxiety and depression is like being scared and tired at the same time. It is the fear of failure, but no urge to be productive. It is wanting friends, but hate socializing. It is need to be solitary, but not wanting to be lonely. It is feeling everything at once like a rush and then suddenly feeling paralyzing numb.

Those who have friends frequently go through life unaware that others do not, because those others are so isolated and socially invisible, the person sitting next to you could be at the brink of shattering but the bubble we all have around ourselves would not let us reach out and help, and that Is the major reason for the shockingly increasing registration of the cases of depression on everyday basis.

Unheeded or neglected depression is rooting majorly due to childhood situations, It is difficult to pinpoint if this upward trend of depression is a result of an increase in mental distress due to social pressures, or the result of other factors such as lack of availability within health services, or factors that are unique to each individual such as parents splitting up, distress environment at home etc.

The disease of depression is majorly caused due to loneliness and the absence of supportive strength either from friends, family or society thus making it even tough for a person suffering from the disease to admit the fact of the suffering.

Another cause of depression is unhappy marriage or relationship causing desperation for love, but the problem is how to go find it, its severity increases due to depression’s pull toward isolation. Loneliness cannot be fixed by medication, though medicines may bring the stability to open up to friendships but with the risk of potential rejection, exhausting demands and the need for self-sacrifice.

The lack of emotional confidence may cause depression; it may intensify it; it may cast a shadow over recovery. But there are many ways to help people who want learn the meaning of affection. Parents and schools are initial aspects to eradicate this issue from the source with little more efforts. That’s the only way we can control this rising numbers of depressive around us.

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