Guiding Principle

Guiding Principle

Crescendo Foundation is an independent private foundation dedicated to fighting against mental health illnesses with a special focus on depression. Besides spreading awareness, Crescendo Foundation aims to support and carry out various events and programs about mental health. Despite improvements in technology and socio-economic conditions in India, a lot of efforts are required to improve channels and platforms available for addressing mental health illnesses.

According to WHO, depression is one of the biggest health hurdles preventing individuals from making the most of their lives. Considering this insight, Crescendo Foundation is dedicated to addressing depression openly for the benefit of afflicted individuals and society at large.


A community of happy, healthy and creative individuals who are empowered with knowledge and resources to overcome depression, anxiety and stress.


To support innovative projects and events that reduce stigma towards individuals experiencing depression, anxiety and stress through awareness events and programs.


One of the biggest challenges of governments and NGOs is reaching out to local communities. Crescendo Foundation is working towards providing a platform that reaches out to local communities to raise awareness and means for people to overcome depression. Crescendo Foundation devotes its energy towards mental health and works with NGOs to identify innovative solutions to fight depression and spread awareness. Crescendo Foundation strives to empower people going through depression to live healthy, productive lives.

Get Involved

Join us in our noble endeavour to fight against depression and other mental health illnesses. Get involved with Crescendo Foundation in its initiatives and help transform lives. Your commitment towards helping individuals suffering from depression, anxiety or stress will ignite a spark of happiness in someone’s life.

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