There are nearly 3,500 trained psychiatrists and even fewer psychologists present in India. This means that there are about 3 psychiatrists for a million Indians! This is an astounding fact which speaks volumes about the tough path towards addressing mental health in India. Individuals facing mental health illnesses do not have sufficient channels and platforms to educate themselves and seek medical attention. These people go on to endure discrimination and stigma at the hands of a misinformed society. The Crescendo Foundation founded by Raghav Choudhary is a platform dedicated to raising awareness and fighting against depression, anxiety and stress.

  • Guiding Principle

    Crescendo Foundation is an independent private foundation dedicated to fighting against mental health illnesses with a special focus on

  • Founder

    An unfailing visionary, believer in progress and relentless examiner, Raghav has always devoted his energy towards creating value in other people’s

  • Team

    The Crescendo Foundation leadership oversees all efforts of the foundation. They work daily with staff, team leads and partners to help operate the foundation at high standards.

  • Crescendo Group International

    Crescendo Group operates 5 key brands: Crescendo Global, Crescendo Executive, Crescendo Foundation, Crescendo Capital and Crescendo International Trading Co.

  • Financials

    At Crescendo Foundation, accountability and transparency are foremost not just in allocating funds and preparing financials but permeate our approach towards work

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